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Do you own land?

forest Do you own land? Are you using it to its fullest potential every day of the year? If not, use it to generate additional income by leasing it out to responsible hunters. It doesn’t matter if you have buildings on your property or if you plan to build on it in the future, you can still lease out the land without leasing out the buildings. Even if you’re not planning to keep the land or it’s currently listed for sale, you can still lease it out.

With the flexibility offered through hlrbo.com, you have the freedom to pick and choose exactly when, how long, and under what terms to make your land available for lease. Do you have a cabin on the property that you use at various times throughout the year? That’s fine, simply exclude those times from the availability throughout the year. It’s up to you. Even if you are a hunter who only hunts during specific seasons, you can make your land available during the seasons you’re not using the land to hunt. Or if you already filled your tags for that season, simply open up the availability for the remainder of that season.

Not only does hlrbo.com offer the flexibility to choose your own terms, it is free of charge for the listing. As a landowner, you have nothing to lose by listing your hunting land on hlrbo.com. Sign up today!

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