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Virginia public hunting land now available on HLRBO!

Virginia public hunting land is now available on HLRBO! Search all of Virginia's over 1.7 million acres of public hunting land using HLRBO's industry leading technology.

Virginia Public Hunting Map

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries maintains 41 management areas totaling more than 200,000 acres for the benefit of all citizens for a variety of wildlife-related outdoor recreational opportunities. Thirty-nine management areas are open for some type of hunting. These lands are purchased and maintained with hunting, fishing, and trapping license fees and with Federal Assistance in Wildlife Restoration funds, derived from the sale of hunting-related equipment. We encourage the public to visit these areas to enjoy wildlife, habitats, and the bountiful natural resources found there.

Find your next hunting adventure in Virginia today on HLRBO.com!

Virginia Public Listing

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