How to use HLRBO

Hunting Land Rentals by Owner (HLRBO) is the new way for landowners to make income from their hunting land as well as the best way for hunters to find a great place to hunt. Please expand the list below for screenshots and explainations of how to use this site. If you have other questions, see our Contact Us page for our contact information.

How to List Your Property

1. Sign Up

Open up the sign up page, if you click on this link it will open in a new window:

Fill out the information requested in the Create an Account form.

Your email address will be your username for your HLRBO Account.

Hit the Create Account button. Which will bring you to the next form to enter your address.

2. Listing Address

Enter your Address all fields are required, this is address that will appear in your listing. All hunting seasons and types which are automatically generated are based on the County where your land is located. Select the county that is associated with your address.

Click the next button which will bring you to the hunting types page.

3. Listing Details

Enter your listing title which will appear as the headline for your listing. Use a headline that will draw attention to your listing.

Enter your land type check as many options that apply.

Hunting types will be listed based on which types are allowed or have seasons in your county. Click any that you would like display as available in your listing. Click the next button.

4. Listing Dates

Based on the hunting types that you have selected, your availability calendar will show the seasons for the current year. Click on the calendars to select or unselect dates you would like to make your land available. This will also be how you update your calendar if you have rented out your property for certain dates.

Click the next button at the bottom of the screen.

5. Listing Pricing

This step is where you set your pricing. The hunting options are shown on this list. The season start and finish dates are automatically shown based on the seasons determined by local authorities.

You are able to set your pricing by the Day, Week, Month or Season per hunting type.

6. Listing Photos

Next upload any photos you would like to include with your listing. It is recommended, but not required when you first sign up. Hunters will also be able to view satellite photos to find your property and review the layout.

To set a photo as the main photo click the box above the photo. This will be the thumbnail photo shown when hunters are searching through the listings.

How Hunters Contact You

1. View Messages

When a hunter is interested in booking your hunting land you will receive a message on your HLRBO Account. An email notifying you of the message will be sent to the email address that is attached to the account.

If you would like to change the email attached to your account first log in and then click here.

To view the message click on the messages icon in the top right navagation bar. This will show your message threads in a drop down window. Click on the particular message that you wish to view, then the HLRBO Messages page will load.

2. Message Threads

Your message thread will load. In the text box below the message thread viewer you can type your message back to the hunter or landowner similar to text messaging. When you have compelted your message click the send button and it will post for the other party to read and respond.

Creating an Account

1. Create Account Form

Click on the create account line under the create account headline on the main page.

Fill in the register information seen in the screenshot to the left. Your username will be your email address and your password (must be at least 8 characters in length) will be created now.

After your information has been verified you will receive an email welcoming you to HLRBO! Thank you for joining!

2. Account Navigation

Last you will see "My Account" and "Messages" in the top navigation bar to show that your are logged in. To log out click the log out icon which is located farthest to the right.

Contacting Landowners About a Listing

1. Contact Owner

If you have not already created an Account you must first do so before you can contact a landowner. There is no charge to create an Account. Learn how here.

To contact a Landowner about a listing, navagate to the listing you are interested in contacting. Find the Contact Owner form to the right

Enter your name, phone number, and email address.

2. Select Dates and Additional Info

Select the dates you are interest in from the two date boxes. Select the number in your party.

Ask any questions or add any additional comments in the message box.

When you have entered all the information, click on the "Contact" button and the landowner will be sent a message about your inquiry. When the landowner responds you will receive a message in your HLRBO message page. You will also receive an email.