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Idaho is a well-known state for big game opportunity. Seasons for Mule & Whitetail deer, Elk, Bear, Antelope, Grey Wolf, Mountain Lion and even Bighorn Sheep. The regulations and hunting areas can get a little complicated, so planning is key to a successful hunt. Other hunts you can take advantage of on your lease include turkey and other upland game birds. Landowners best chance of getting top dollar for their lease in Idaho should offer Big Game opportunities to people from out of state.

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Below are some of the featured public hunting listings in the state of Idaho that are available on HLRBO as well as contact information for the Department of Natural Resources in Idaho should you have any questions about regulations or licensing.

Idaho Featured Listings

1200 Acres Idaho Elk Hunting
Unnamed Road
Cascade, ID 83611

Hunt ID:3100-ID-G-L-4000-Sil-ElkMDeerBearWolfLion-ASL3AKESIL-OTM-A1CKM-Low Priced Combo Welcome to an ARCHERY Friendly elk hunting area. The only way an elk is shot here is with a bow, with only 1 exception per year with a rifle. This builds the average bull elk age greatly and the antlers show it. The 1 rifle hunt is on a special $3000 land owner voucher and hunt with a price tag at only $ 7,495. Hunt Details The archer Elk & Deer Combo guided elk and Mule deer with Meals and lodging is $ 6900 but discounted to the first 4 bookings of the year to only $ 3995 ! This is a state that hates wolves but since they are not normally in this area you may never see one but if you do you are free to shoot it. In fact, your Archery tag it with your Deer license they go to town and get another deer tag. That tag covers, Mule Deer, Wolf, Bear and even Mountain Lion. There aren’t many wolves in the area and we plan to keep it that way. If you see one art any time in any place when you have any weapon shoot it. Even if you miss the fear of being shot rests high on a wolf’s brain so he won’t want to come back, and that is what we want, no wolves to feel comfortable on this mountain. The area is prime elk habitat and the elk know it. The bucks you will see will be wall hangers but are spread across the mountain. The lower you get the higher the density of deer but the size/age level drops as well. With 1200 acres of private guided land surrounded by BLM for miles. Elk have a safety mechanism that if they get spooked safety is up hill, and we have the top of the mountain along with some adjacent to the top. When the BLM hunters begin at the bottom of the hill the elk are the first ones to make it to the top, not the other hunters which are fenced out. You can drive to camp and unload in your trailer. The private land is guided the BLM is either. There is trailer lodging on the property that you can drive to. The hunting is right on the top of a hill which is a big attractant to elk they always want to go up and you are on the top. The owner gets 1 rifle elk tag per year for the property and because of lack of hunting pressure there are a lot of mature bulls. As a rule, we don’t hunt but 1 Rifle bull elk hunt. This makes the elk hunting Archery only so we get some great elk with bows every year during the September. There is no where else that I know that they have archery only elk hunting. The property is lightly hunted in September and even though the BLM land is adjacent, other hunters tend to push deer and elk up the him to the private property. The Archery season in September when the rut is on. Your guide is excellent in getting the elk excited and coming in close. Lodging is in warm trailers not the normal tents that keep you up all night flapping in the wind, and sending cold air drafts throughout the tent. Meals are also provided, sometimes sack lunch and sometime returning to your soft bed for a mid-day nap. Bring a sleeping bag and you will have everything you need. An archery cube is provided if you want to check your arrows while in camp. The 5-day Hunts are booked as a 5 day hunt the 2 days for successful hunters to leave and new hunters to arrive.
1200 Acres

Idaho bear and cougar hunts
Dworshak Dam
Ahsahka, ID 83520

Bungalow outfitters now has new owners is offering Cougar and Bear hunts with hounds and bears over bait. Hunts are 7 days with one day in and one day out so 5 days of hunting. Lodging, food, cook, guide and hounds included. Bear hunts are done in May and June, and Cougar hunts in Dec, Jan and Feb 2019/20. Cougar hunts are $5000 and bear hunts are $2500.
100 Acres

Day Duck & Goose Hunts - ID
27767-27501 N Roswell Blvd
Parma, ID 83660

NOW BOOKING DAY HUNTS!! TIRED OF FIGHTING THE CROWDS, PACKING DECOYS LONG DISTANCES, SETTING UP YOUR DECOYS JUST TO HAVE ANOTHER GROUP SET UP 50 YARDS DOWN RIVER FROM YOU? THATS WHY WE CREATED BBB, A WATERFOWL HUNTING EXPERIENCE LIKE NO OTHER. GUIDED HUNTS AVAILABLE. *Available for 2018-19 season is BBB Wingshooter's exclusive waterfowl hunting property located in Parma and is 1.5 miles from both Roswell Marsh and Fort Boise WMA. *Our blind sits on a 1 acre shallow pond where we grow wild millet as a waterfowl food plot. *Trespassing fee is $100 per day per hunter with 4 spots available in the blind per day. *The property is closed Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays. This schedule was designed by ducks unlimited so give the birds a rest but to also not allow them to eat out the food plot. *Our 12x12 blind (fitfully called the BUNKER) is designed for 4 hunters with the ability to shoot out of any side depending on where the birds decide to land. *If you like to hunt over field decoys we have that option too! *If you are a solo hunter and don't know or have 3 hunting partners give us a call and we can put something together for you. *Season Package Fees ($2000 for 21 hunts) includes access to approx 32 dz decoys: 16 dz Snows 6 dz Spec 4 dz Canada 6 dz duck and 3 mojo ducks. *Pond is fed from 11/15 through the rest of the season with ground water from our well that is approx 50 degrees to try to keep it open as long as possible. *Access to the property for paying hunters is 2 hours before and after sunrise/set. (ALL DAY!) Please note that in some of the pictures we have dropped the water level to help the wild millet grow. ITS A GOOD FEELING KNOWING THAT YOUR SPOT WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU. For more information please call Joel @ show contact info . Group A: Nov:20,29 Dec:8,9,18,27 Jan:5,6,15,24 Feb:2,3,12,21 March:2,3 Group B: Nov: 13,22 Dec:1,2,11,20,29,30 Jan:8,17,26,27 Feb:5,14,23,24 March:5 Group C: Nov:15,24,25 Dec:4,13,22,23 Jan:1,10,19,20,29 Feb:7,16,17,26 March:7 Group D: Nov:17,18,27 Dec:6,15,16,25 Jan:3,12,13,22,31 Feb:9,10,19,28 March:9 Duck Goose Hunt Hunting Club Lease Trespassing Membership Decoy Decoys Guide Guided Waterfowl
100 Acres

Idaho DNR Information

ID State DNR

Address: P.O. Box 25
Boise, ID  83707

Phone #: (208) 334-3700

Idaho Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for Idaho.

Idaho Hunter Safety Course