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North Carolina With good Deer hunting as a mainstay in the state you will find that there are many opportunities to find quality deer hunting in North Carolina. Turkey Hunters can enjoy taking up to 2 turkeys per Spring season. Some other unique opportunities are a Bear season and hog hunting. Landowners can look to have no issues finding a hunter to lease their property. In addition to public land being scarce, private land hunters are allowed to hunt on Sunday which is not allowed on public land.

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Below are some of the featured public hunting listings in the state of North Carolina that are available on HLRBO as well as contact information for the Department of Natural Resources in North Carolina should you have any questions about regulations or licensing.

North Carolina Featured Listings

Troutman, NC Deer Hunting
321-307 Autumn Leaf Rd
Troutman, NC 28166

Come hunt my private land in Troutman, NC. Plenty of Bucks & does...just plenty of deer. Just 10 minutes off Hwy 77 (exit 42), by the Lake Norman State Park, which borders my property on two sides. Deer hunting can be very expensive. By the time you lease the hunting land, put out food plots or corn (I've already spent $300 on corn this year), purchase tree stands, ground blinds, ammo, guns, stays in hotels while your traveling and paying for road food, it's easy to spend thousands of dollars and invest many days of time with NO GUARANTEE OF A KILL. The daily fee to hunt my land is $50 (which is applied to your harvest fee). For $350 you can harvest the doe of your choice or up to a 4-point buck, providing of course, you get a shot. For $500 you can harvest a buck 6 points and up. Working in downtown Charlotte and need a great Christmas gift for a friend? Work until 2pm and be in the woods by 3pm when the deer are moving. If you hunt with a bow (I've already taken 2 this year), there is no harvest guarantee but fee applies. No need for 4-wheelers and after bagging your deer, we will have it on ice within the hour. If you think about it, you get to have some fun outdoors time and great memories on the cheap. You will yield usually 30 - 50 lbs of meat per deer depending on size (35 lbs x $12/lb = $420), so while you are paying a few bucks to hunt, you are stocking up your freezer with a more healthy, low-fat meat! Anyone hunting will first sign a release of liability and must have a NC hunting license (instate it's cheap at Walmart). Each hunter will put down a deposit of $500 cash from which your $50 daily hunting fee will be deducted. If you hunt one day and do not take a deer, you will be refunded $450. If you hunt one day and take a doe, your daily hunting fee is applied to your harvest amount so you would owe $350 and you would be refunded $150. If you hunt 3 days ($150 in hunting fees) and you harvest a doe, again your hunting fees are applied to your harvest fee. You would pay a total of $350 and would be refunded $150.
100 Acres
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)

Guided Bear Hunts Palmico, Co
Cabin Creek Rd
Merritt, NC 28556

Palmico County, North Carolina Guided Bear hunts. $1200 for 3 day hunts. Hunt only county where bear dogs aren't allowed still hunting only. Kids always hunt for free. Lots of bear!
100 Acres
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)

Watauga County Lease
166 Georges Gap Rd
Vilas, NC 28692

Watauga County North Carolina deer hunting land for rent $100. Per day.
100 Acres
Small Game & Furbearer Hunting (Badger, Fox, etc..)
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)
Upland Bird Hunting (Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, etc..)
Waterfowl Hunting

North Carolina DNR Information

NC State DNR

Address: 1751 Varsity Drive
Raleigh, NC  27606

Phone #: 919-707-0010

North Carolina Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for North Carolina.

North Carolina Hunter Safety Course