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New Hampshire if you are hunting in New Hampshire, you can expect to have plenty of great opportunities and places to hunt. It may take some scouting to find the right areas but there are many opportunities on public and private land that are open to public hunting due to conservation easements. Big game opportunities such as deer, bear, and turkey are plentiful as well as some lottery hunts for Moose. Over 70% of land in New Hampshire is privately held land so there are plenty of opportunities for landowner to lease, however remember that land that is not posted is open to public hunting by current law so it may be a good idea to post signs

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Below are some of the featured public hunting listings in the state of New Hampshire that are available on HLRBO as well as contact information for the Department of Natural Resources in New Hampshire should you have any questions about regulations or licensing.

New Hampshire Featured Listings

80 Acres in New Hampshire
30 Holman Road
Fitzwilliam, NH 03447

80 acres of New Hampshire land with streams and waterfalls. Bear and turkey.
80 Acres

Connecticut Lakes WMA North (West)
Connecticut Lakes State Forest
Pittsburg, NH 03592

The CLNA is NHFG's largest ownership, and under the conservation easement it has a special set of management goals and objectives unique to the property. For example, the CLNA has been separated into two complementary management areas. The first is the 14,995-acre Nature Preserve , which is located east of NH Route 3. This portion of the property will undergo natural vegetation succession without active management, allowing the Department to monitor naturally occurring changes on the landscape. The second area is the remaining 10,005-acre Wildlife Management Area , which is actively managed to maintain and enhance a variety of wildlife species and habitats found in the Connecticut Lakes area. The terrain and habitats of the CLNA are very diverse. Elevation ranges from approximately 1,100 feet to a maximum of 3,380 feet throughout the CLNA and includes five mountaintops over 3,000 feet and numerous summits over 2,700 feet. Principal landforms include mountain tops and high slopes, rocky ridges and cliffs, mid-slopes, lower slopes and valley bottoms, riparian zones, wetland basins, and open water. As a result of the diverse terrain, the CLNA contains a wealth of natural communities and wildlife habitats, as well as a large number of rare and imperiled plant and animal species.
4966 Acres

Kesick Swamp Wildlife Management Area
Appalachian National Scenic Trl
North Woodstock, NH 03262

Kesick Swamp Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is an 80-acre parcel of land owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. The WMA is located in the town of Sunderland just off Route 7 between Exits 3 and 4. Access to the WMA is through a 25-foot long right-of-way at the end of Beaver Meadow Road, which is located off Sunderland Hill Road. A small parking lot will be installed there in the near future. Kesick Swamp WMA is an historic beaver pond meadow. The beaver dam gets washed out and is rebuilt periodically - a natural cycle. This cycle was demonstrated in 2002 when the dam was destroyed by a storm. The pond drained and became a meadow; and the beavers rebuilt the dam, which formed a pond again. Other wildlife benefits from either condition. Cole Brook and Beaver Meadow Brook are the water sources for the WMA. The wetland is a mix of cattails and scrub shrub emergent marsh with a fringe of alder, red maple and white pine. The wetland habitat edged by forest provides great habitat for a number of species. It is an excellent watchable-wildlife site, especially from a canoe or kayak.
80 Acres

New Hampshire DNR Information

NH State DNR

Address: 11 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH  03301

Phone #: (603) 271-3421

New Hampshire Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Hunter Safety Course