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South Carolina With good Deer hunting as a mainstay in the state you will find that there are many opportunities to find quality deer hunting in South Carolina. Turkey Hunters can enjoy taking up to 3 turkeys per Spring season. Some other unique opportunities are an Aligator season and hog hunting. Landowners can look to have no issues finding a hunter to lease their property. In addition to public land being scarce, private land hunters are allowed to hunt on Sunday which is not allowed on public land.

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Below are some of the featured public hunting listings in the state of South Carolina that are available on HLRBO as well as contact information for the Department of Natural Resources in South Carolina should you have any questions about regulations or licensing.

South Carolina Featured Listings

300 Acre Hunting Tract
222 Peach tree St
Ward, SC 29166

300 acre tract has log cabin with kitchen, big screen, pool table, and 5 ponds for $40/acre Lease is for 12 months- all game. Tract is 70% peach orchards 30% woodlands. Must have Liability Insurance Contact Email: [email protected]
300 Acres
Small Game & Furbearer Hunting (Badger, Fox, etc..)
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)
Upland Bird Hunting (Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, etc..)
Waterfowl Hunting

South Carolina DNR Information

SC State DNR

Address: P. O. Box 167
Columbia, SC  29202-0167

Phone #: 803-734-3886

South Carolina Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for South Carolina.

South Carolina Hunter Safety Course