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Texas The shear land mass of Texas and less than five percent of land being public, leasing hunting land is very popular. There are large leases that offer trophy deer and hog hunting as well as more exotic animals like axis deer and many others. Texas has many opportunities for the big game hunter as well as bird hunting advocate.

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Below are some of the featured public hunting listings in the state of Texas that are available on HLRBO as well as contact information for the Department of Natural Resources in Texas should you have any questions about regulations or licensing.

Texas Featured Listings

90,000 Acres in Paint Creek TX
Paint Creek Area
Paint Creek, TX 79521

We offer the best and most flexible hunting available in Texas. We hunt on over 90,000 acres in multiple North Texas counties around Paint Creek. We are in the game rich Texas Panhandle south West of Dallas. Out premium ground is home to, Big Panhandle Whitetail Deer, sustained populations of wild Bobwhite quail, Hogs and more hogs, doves by the boat load along with migrating ducks, geese and even Sandhill cranes stuffing our ponds and grain fields. Don’t forget our long-bearded Rio Grande Turkey which can be hunted with archery equipment, shotgun and even rifles which few states offer. When you have an abundance of game you will always build an abundance of predators and hunts to keep their populations as low as possible and your game numbers as high as possible. The Bob cats and Coyotes are plentiful with some gray fox thrown in the mix. Part of our high game numbers is due to the last 3 years of wet springs helpful for all animals but a requirement for the turkey and quail hatchlings by providing bugs that make up their diet for the first 60 days of life. You can’t beat this Texas whitetail Deer special if you like to hunt the great North Texas Panhandle for deer and hogs. Not small deer like the hill country these are big Panhandle deer. We even offer this limited discounted hunt for our Whitetail Management program -3 days, meals, lodging, guides-1 buck, doe and hog for a reduced price of only $ 1295. If you find a better price anywhere you let me know and I will go there! We have implemented game. We even offer a management programs on our Texas hunting ranches. These programs include year-round supplemental feeding as well as habitat improvement. The wildlife has had little hunting pressure for many years. All hunts are fair chase and absolutely no high fencing is used. We strictly monitor our wildlife population. Hunting is reduced during drought years. Bring your camera! Hunters should expect a great western outdoors experience. We are now booking hunts for all game animals. If you are after a trophy buck, excellent wild quail hunting, Rio Grande Turkeys, wild hogs or varmints then call today and book your adventure.
90000 Acres
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)
Upland Bird Hunting (Quail, Pheasant, Grouse, etc..)
Waterfowl Hunting
Small Game & Furbearer Hunting (Badger, Fox, etc..)

Helicopter Hog Hunting
Texas Hill Country
Haskell, TX 79521

Hunt ID: 7000-TX-D-M-1500-NW-Hogs-Helicopter-NOP3LA-GBIRHO2DS-OR1EYC- Hog shooting at its best You can run but you will only die tired! Our mission is to provide a premier aerial experience in our Vietnam era OH-6 helicopter. Our pilot stands ready to conduct aerial photography, Helicopter Aerial Rifle Marksmanship (HARM) training, and depredation of feral hogs and varmints utilizing aerial gunnery to maximize the shooting experience. We are stewards of our environment: help support Texas ranchers and farmers. The way aerial gunnery and hog hunting should be successful and a lot of fun. We offer a premier aerial experience by embarking on history in our helicopter and military expertise. We are located a short distance from Dallas for a quick weekend getaway or corporate retreat, with lodging available. Our team consists of current and military veterans with over 20 years of experience in order to ensure the best of aerial gunnery. With over 400,000+ acres of hunting ground, your next hunting expedition will be an unforgettable one. If you are seeking a memorable and thrilling aerial experience, we are prepared to take flight for your next adventure. 1 to 2 persons fly at a time, bring 6 friends and split the cost– with weapons and ammo or bring your own: Our professional staff will ensure you are prepared to conduct aerial engagements in a safe manner with complete success. Included with purchase: • Firearm rental AR-15 with red dot optics • Ammunition: 223/5.56, • Helicopter: A number of different Helicopters as the dependable OH-6 • 20 Year Service Veterans and Professional Pilots • Safety Briefing and HARM Instruction • GoPro Rental Available for additional charge: • Lodging $ 100 for 3 meals and lodging • Recovery team to collect pigs and processing • Edited GoPro Video of your hunt This is by far the most fun you can have with your clothes and I will even put it in the Guinness book of World Records. (Note weight restrictions: The combined weight of shooters plus the guns and ammo we provide on the aircraft cannot exceed 500 pounds. We use the average of 25 pounds for the ammunition and the AR-15 Semi-automatic 223. This leaves the shooters to total less than 475 pounds. If they are over 475 pounds they must each go individually which is $ 1195. Additionally there is a seat limit of 300 pounds. Safety is of up most importance in your hunt as far as aircraft and of the hunting/rifles.) We aren’t millionaires and we work hard to put food on the family table and a roof over their head. There is a time when you say I want to something for me, I have earned it and I deserve it! Hunt Pricing flying on specific days weather permitting. The helicopter hunt is $ 1500 per hour per person has been discounted down to as low as $795. Single person single hour flight is $ 1195
400000 Acres
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)

Dallas Area Hog & Duck Hunting
16999 TX-31
Trinidad, TX 75163

Hunt ID:7003-TX-G-M-150-NE-HogsPredatorsVarmintsBowfishing-S1H-HN2NYJO This outfitter provides hog hunting; Duck Hunting Bowfishing and fishing opportunities tear around. He provides it on private land and keeps it at a rate the working man can afford while continuing to provide a high success rate because of the large number of acres that he has access to. Hunt Texas year round with success; guided with equipment. I have personally hunted or sent others to these ranches for 11 years and only provide the best chance for success. This will consist of multiple locations from Athens to Corsicana Texas HWY 31.  We take you where we have been scouting and seeing the most opportunities. With several different ranches to choose from, you can never go wrong. The vast number of game hunting options just helps to make the hunting even more successful. Specials on our Discounted Hunt prices   *Hunt Hogs $350 per person per day (3 hogs/hunter any size) no trophy fees applied. *Transportation airport and hotel pickup per hunter $100. *Equipment rental; special price this year only $95+ per hunter depending what is needed and we have all needed to get the job done. *Process the meat and vacuum seal it for an additional cost per pig. $75 discounted down to $50 per pig. *Additional hog hunting days if needed, $150 per hunter plus added equipment rental and cleaning/packing. “Best to book in advance to assure availability” *We can provide Hotel Discounts” if available. Cost approximately $55 double occupancy.   Don’t miss out on high success in hog hunting this year. I have been researching Texas Hog hunting Ranches for 11 years, by personally hunting or sending hunters to many successful hog hunting adventures. You will find success and the best in Texas Hospitality.   Duck Hunting This will consist of 1-6 hunters at a time.  We have 3 duck boats that are rigged out and all the hunters have to do is provide a shotgun/steel shot/license.  We can provide a shotgun and ammo for an additional price.  We hunt ducks all over north Texas (Cooper Lake, Lake Tawakoni, Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Lavon, and Cedar Creek Lake) all the way down to Richland Chambers Lake by Corsicana.  We will do the duck calling and provide multiple dogs if needed.  There are some places where a dog is not needed.  I have my own black lab duck dog that is top notch with one of the best pedigrees in the country.  I have access to 3 other dogs if needed which are all top notch dogs.  Hunts usually start around 4:00am – 10:00am.  If we are seeing birds and the client has not reached his limit, we can stay later to accommodate them.  If we have more than 6 hunters, I can accommodate as long as I have plenty of time up front. Duck Hunts $250.00 per gun.   Bowfishing with plenty experience – Bowfishing is from May-September. I can accommodate 1-3 guys per night.  I can provide the bowfishing rigs and boat.  As a rule, we usually fish for Carp and Gar with the occasional catfish or striper depending on the season and water temperature.  You can provide your own rig if you choose to do so or use ours it is your choice just let me know when you book. One bow hunter is $450. Two bow hunters $550. Three bow hunters’ $600 total cost.
500 Acres
Waterfowl Hunting
Small Game & Furbearer Hunting (Badger, Fox, etc..)

Texas DNR Information

TX State DNR

Address: 4200 Smith School Road
Austin, TX  78744

Phone #: (800) 792-1112

Texas Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for Texas.

Texas Hunter Safety Course