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Utah with over three quarters of the land in the state being public, there is a lot of opportunity for hunters including several once in a lifetime hunts for Bighorn Sheep, Bison & Moose. With reasonable hunting license fees and plentiful game Utah is a good state to hunt whether you are a local or a non-resident.

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Below are some of the featured public hunting listings in the state of Utah that are available on HLRBO as well as contact information for the Department of Natural Resources in Utah should you have any questions about regulations or licensing.

Utah Featured Listings

NW Utah Private Ranch Hunts
95 W. 1st N St.
Manila, UT 84046

Hunt ID: 8070-UT-G-C-2500-D1N-BCElkMDeerAntelope-NIL2AMA-O1RJ-ED1J Since this outfitter has 8 miles of property in Wyoming and then it connects directly with 8 miles of property in Utah the options can get complex with different licenses application dates as well as hunting season dates. UTAH Utah Wyoming Boarder Utah Muzzleloader Elk, only 2 left $ 3995 reduced to only $ 2495, Utah Licenses over the counter, hunt November 1st, 100% success in the past on non-migrating elk herd (Extremely unique to have a non-Migrating Elk Herd, makes success easier). If you like cow elk for the freezer the December or even the January hunt is guided with lodging for only $1795 including $500 voucher, so the guided hunt with lodging would calculate out to only $ 1095 when you break it all down. This outfitter manages this non-migrating herd and only takes a total of 8 bulls and 8 cows per year, so speak up early because he fills his quota early and becomes booked up about 6 months in advance. The Utah Application deadline is the end of February, so it is best to contact me before mid-February to get things worked out before the draw application deadline. Utah application Deadlines for Mule Deer, Antelope and elk vary greatly as so the method to get them and the weapon to hunt them with. For the most part there is an archery, muzzleloader and rifle season for each of them. Some are a 100 % draw if the application is in February 28th. Others are done with vouchers from the landowner and still some are drawing with points. The archer deer and elk seasons are in September with the muzzleloader during September also. The Muzzleloader elk is usually the first week in November. Save money hunt Utah for Elk! Or Trophy Bucks in Utah or Wyoming. Then prohibitive cost licenses and vouchers required getting the licenses and high outfitting costs. For a limited time, hunts will be available in Utah at a reduced discounted price and even the license costs are lower than all the other states for elk. Additionally, the hunt is discounted to keep the price of the hunt low. Add that to the elk license for a non-resident $ 410 for a bull and $ 288 for a cow. For California Hunters the mileage is shorter, the cow license is $ 200 less than Colorado and the bull license is $250 less than Colorado! This outfitter has 16,000 acres in Utah and attached he has 6,000 more acres on the Wyoming side of the state line. With this he has a great package of combination hunts. This make the packages above somewhat confusing with different dates by each state, but the flexibility is great when you are working a tight schedule. He has guided 2 on 1 as a standard. There is 1 on 1 guided available on the trophy hunts. Add to this a semi-guided and price reduced 4 on 1 for antelope and even a DIY for antelope. There are even doe deer or antelope DIY meat hunts available. The bad thing is that he does book up early with so many discounted hunt options. And he does hunt it extremely lightly to continue to have the quality he requires. Guided Five day with lodging rifle bull elk hunt $4000 reduced to only $ 2995 with an over the counter license. If you’re a fancier of muzzleloader hunting this outfitter will extend this offer to you also, $ 3495 guided muzzleloader elk hunt on private land reduced to only $ 2495 for the first 4 hunters that book. Licenses are available over the counter. This is great because in Colorado to hunt elk with a muzzleloader it requires at least 2 points to draw. The Supply is limited and on a first come first serve basis. Guided 5-day hunts on private land with lodging, plenty of alfalfa and mountain. We have been filling 100% for the past 3 years. This is an over the counter license, but we only take a total of 8 elk hunters per year and book up fast. Elk over the counter Rifle Bull license …….………….………………………………………………….………$ 458 Elk September Muzzleloader 100% but if applied for Feb 28th license …………………….…...$ 458 Cow Elk License to use with voucher……………………………………………………………………………...$ 283 Deer Rifle draw 100% but if applied for by Feb 28th 2nd license.……………….……….……….…. $ 333 Deer Muzzleloader $ 4000 100% but if applied for by Feb 28th license …………….……........$ 333 Elk Licenses need to be purchased on Line in July for rifle and Muzzleloader. Muzzleloader Elk, don’t miss this rut hunt Sep 28, to October 6 Mule Deer Licenses need to be applied for in February no matter if it is rifle or muzzleloader. This is a screamin’ hunt. The Bulls are screaming at each other and you are in the middle of them. ALW= Any Legal Weapon Deer Hunt Dates General archery deer Aug. 18–Sept. 14 General muzzleloader deer Sept. 26–Oct. 4 Early general any legal weapon (rifle) deer Oct. 10–14 General any legal weapon (rifle) deer Oct. 20–28 Elk Hunt Dates General archery any bull elk Aug. 18–Sept. 14 General archery spike elk Aug. 18–Sept. 7 General any legal weapon (rifle) spike and any bull elk Oct. 6–18 General muzzleloader elk Oct. 31–Nov. 8 Youth general (rifle)any bull elk Sept. 15–2 Pronghorn Antelope and Moose Hunt Dates Rifle on any open unit with any legal weapon Sept. 1–Nov. 15 archery on any open unit Aug. 18–31 This is a spot and stalk during the day but a bugling and cow calling session in the morning and evenings when the bulls are the most active. It can even work where you locate a bugling bull and slip in on him for a spot and stalk if he refuses to come to you. Warning this is a high adrenaline hunt, having a 1000 bull elk screaming in your face and your muzzleloader only shoots 1 bullet at a time can make you sweat rocks. The bottom line is when he is close enough to be certain that you have a good shot, squeeze one off, and hit the cap…. And pray. Utah's general Guided 5 Day Utah Rifle Bull Elk Hunt Hunt the 10/8 to 11/5 rifle season for your bull elk in this mountain valley and hill sides completely on private property. Most bulls run between 5x5 and 6x6 with 270-300 being the average scoring. All hunts are guided 2 on 1 but 1 on 1 is available for an additional $995. An ADDITIONAL Cow for your hunt must be applied for in the drawing, or second drawing May 26-June 16th. The Cow tag is all you will need because you already have a Utah license so it only about $ 200 for the tag and $ 1495 added to your bull hunt as a second animal combo. Guided 5 Day Utah Muzzleloader Bull Elk Hunt (In Utah a Muzzleloaders can now have a Scope on it.) Hunt the 10/28 to 11/27 rifle season for your bull elk in this mountain valley and hill sides completely on private property. Most bulls run between 5x5 and 6x6 with 275-300 being the average scoring. All hunts are guided 2 on 1 but 1 on 1 is available for an additional $995. An ADDITIONAL Cow for your hunt must be applied for in the drawing, or second drawing May 26-June 16th. The Cow license is only $ 390, and the hunt is $ 1595 added to your bull hunt. Guided 3 Day Utah Rifle Cow Elk Hunt A guaranteed license landowner voucher for $ 200 for the landowner Voucher when booked in groups of two or more. Application required for license is also an option. This state has the lowest cow elk license price. This guided cow elk hunt is $ 2000 reduced to only $1795 for the first 4 hunters booked. These require vouchers unless you already have a license for this area. The vouchers are free if they last from the outfitter. Hunt a high mountain ranch for cow elk where they migrate down into the mountain valleys. Have a wonderful time and fill your freezer with healthy no-chemicals great tasting lean elk venison. This meat is recommended as a staple diet for people wanting to or requiring too loses some weight. Additional days can be added to the hunt but are seldom necessary if the shooting skills of the hunter are adequate. The landowner has cow vouchers that can be used to purchase the non-resident cow license over the counter in town. Hunting will be by 4x4 vehicles and on foot. Success rate is usually around 100 %. All hunting will be done on the private ranch in Daggett County known as the North Region, DB1573 North Slope Summit/Daggett. (North Eastern Utah) The House is very nice with a full kitchen, of course subject to availability. For all hunts, additional hunting days can be added for only $ 250 per day if the season is still open of course. Lodging in town is around $75 which makes staying on the ranch at the cabin which if broken out makes the elk hunt only $ 1370 when you remove the $ 225 for 3 days of lodging. The cabins are located right on the ranch with one even having Wi-Fi. As far as meals you will be responsible for your own meals, just bring it with you and you can re-heat or cook them in the cabin it is furnished with all the requirements of a refrigerator and stove. There are also two restaurants in tow and a grocery store to curve your hunger. The special Utah cow season using the rancher’s vouchers is November, December and January. Rifle Bull Season dates are 10/6-10/18 OTC Tags Muzzleloader Bull Elk Season is 10/31-11/8 Utah Elk Licenses: Bull Licenses are $ 65 plus $345 for a total of $ 410 Cow Licenses are $ 65 plus $223 for a total of $ 288 These are the lowest priced elk states of all the states that have free ranging elk. In addition, the rancher is giving you the $400 voucher for free.  Deer: North Slope Daggett Unit 8 Draw cutoff date Feb 28th Special Utah limited Trophy Mule Deer Hunt limited to two archers at $ 1995 each and two rifle hunters for $4495 each for 2x1 with $ 500 more for 1x1. This is the chance of a life time to take a big buck home for the den. This is not a meat hunt but a horn hunt because the deer you will take home is a “mounter” over 160 B&C Points. This is a 5-day hunt with cabin lodging on this guided hunt in prime Mule deer country. The ranch has 15,000 acres in Utah unit 8 and 6,000 acres in Wyoming unit 132. (In Utah a Muzzleloader can now have a Scope on it.) Archery------------ Aug 17 - Sep 13 I have room for 4 hunters at $ 1995 each. Muzzleloader-----Sep 25 - Oct 03 I have room for 2 hunters at $ 2495 each. Rifle ----------------Oct 19 - Oct 27   I have room for 4 hunters at $ 3495 each. Doe Deer any weapon is only $ 495 DIY with some assist if needed. Elk Rifle ---------------Oct 11 - Oct 17    I have room for 4 hunters Muzzleloader----Nov 01- Nov 09    I have room for 4 hunters Cow elk ---------- Nov 01 - Jan 31    I have 10 Cow Vouchers for Tags    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  FOR BEAR HUNTERS ONLY! This is something that only the archery hunters can partake in, it is bear hunting over bait! Across the US there are only a few states that allow hunting bear over bait, so we are forced to go to Canada. The bait and stand are set up for archery range shooting and these are quality black bears because we only do a maximum of 2 bear hunts per year. Archery is a very efficient way to take bears over bait because you can pre-determine your distance…………………………………….…………………... $2995 Discounts are available if 2 bear hunters book together. In the past, many went to Canada to hunt bear and ate the $1000 worth of expense for the additional travel, along with the hassle involved with the border crossing both ways along with customs. Also, if you have a felony you can’t get across the border even if you wanted to. A low-end felony of crossing and making a U-turn on the “Emergency vehicle” or other crossing is a felony believe it or not, along with many domestic catch all charges. The gun hunters can hunt with dogs and free range which is also unique to Utah. We average close to 100% on these hunts. Bear: North Slope Daggett Draw cutoff date Feb 28th If you have anyone interested I can bait bear, guaranteed bear at bait if they draw an archer tag!   September 1- September 30 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Moose: North Slope Daggett Draw cutoff date Feb 28th I have never had anyone draw this tag yet.... we have awesome moose here on the ranch!  50+ inch moose.... the state record was killed on the ranch I lease now 3 years ago! Wyoming is Unit 35 Draw cutoff date Feb 28 I also have Doe Deer and Doe Antelope landowner voucher available in Utah ANTELOPE Guided Two day with lodging any weapon Antelope hunt $3000 reduced to only……………. $ 1495 2 day Guided Wyoming Antelope hunt on private land with lodging $1495 for 1 hunter, $1395 each if 2 hunters, $1295 if 3 hunters or $1195 if 4 or more hunters. Additional days are $ 150 per hunter. While you are there the landowner has doe antelope vouchers, only $200 each no additional hunting fee unless it takes over your 2-day hunt. Do you know how big of a truck it takes to carry 4 hunters, their gear, and 8 antelopes? The antelope was only $1395 for 2 antelopes each. The season starts around
16000 Acres
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)

Utah Mule Deer Ranch Vouchers
20 West Main St.
Snowville, UT 84336

8004-UT-DG-LM-3000-MdeerElkAntelope-Multi-HS-GE1SER-Great Mule Deer Opp’s UTAH Ranch Voucher for Mule Deer Hunt 2018 only 4 vouchers Left This Voucher includes not only access and the ability to get a license outside any drawing deadlines but it provides a hunt on a large private with over 15,000 acres of Prime Deer habitat in Northern Utah. Camping is allowed on the ranch or the town of Snowville, Utah has plenty of motels, meals, sporting goods stores and more. This is the greatest thing going for the DIY/Semi-Guided hunter. You always say drop me in a place surrounded by deer and I will find them and shoot my way out. There are lots of deer so here is your chance. You will have a 5-day hunt and can use your choice of weapons archery, Muzzleloader or your favorite rifle. Access is very limited and the hunters are book by dates to only allow a few hunters on this big ranch. There are only 4 vouchers available so select your dates and we can go from there. Hunts have been discounted priced to allow more hunters that enjoy hunting and taking mule deer to have their chance of a lifetime. Sept/Oct Pre-Rut Hunt $ 4500 discounted Down to only $3,495 Nov 1-5 Rut Searching $5000 discounted down to only $4,495,  Nov 6-10 Flat out Rut $5500 discounted down to only $4,995  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UTAH Ranch Voucher for Mule Deer Hunt 2018 only 3 vouchers Left This large Private ranch is overloaded with Mule deer. It covers thousands of acres in the prime deer country by the famous for Mule Deer Monticello, Utah. The local resident herd is huge so there is no reason to wait for migrants on this large ranch. Deer - Large private ranch near Monticello with lots of resident deer on ranch. 5-day hunts in Oct, 3 vouchers available – $ 4500 discounted down to only $3,495 each.  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UTAH Ranch Voucher/Trophy 188 Average Mule Deer Hunt 2018 only 4 vouchers Left This large expanse of private property covered by this ranch grows big Muleys, on purpose. They are free ranging Mule deer but they only crop off a couple each year to keep their inventory providing Mule deer that average 188 inches as it did last year. This is a serious Mule Deer hunt, guided, meals and lodging for a 1st class hunt with archery (Aug/Sept) and rifle (Oct) dates, 5 days, with the minimal hunters per year hunt dates are quite flexible to match yours. These deer get extremely low pressure because of the minimal hunts each year. If you are not looking for a wall hanger this hunt is NOT for you. This guide is a Mule Deer hunting animal and constantly watches and scouts the ranch to know where these buck’s liver and put you on them. The genes in the area are mostly a beautiful symmetrical rack, but now and them on these big bucks it is not impossible to find them “A little on the trashy side” for character. - $1100 Discounted Down to only $10,495
15000 Acres
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)

Hunt 150" to 170" class range
Hwy 39
Huntsville, UT 84347

Why hunt deer in the cold and snow of November in Utah, in September they are all bachelor grouped up, easy to spot and patter and the weather is fantastic. Discounted Mule Guided Deer Hunts priced reduced from $4,500, but these 4 have been discounted down to just $3995. Don’t miss out on a hunt of a Lifetime in Utah with the voucher included. We have a limited number of hunts for the 2015 hunting season but they are going fast. This is a guided hunt on an 8,000 acre ranch in Northwest Utah. Past history has been very good and we have been running at a 100% harvest rate for quite some time. Normally you will see bucks 140 to 160 with larger bucks very possible as we will see deer while hunting that we have never seen before. We see new ones every year. Hunt High Success Guided Mule Deer Hunts! Discounted hunt cost priced $4,495, but these 4 have been discounted down to $3995. Act now before these high quality hunts are gone for this year. We hunt on private lands in the Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit status, that are carefully managed to produce trophy bucks and have boasted a success rate in the high 90s year after year. The majority of deer harvested, fall in the 150" to 170" class range with 180" and larger bucks being a good possibility. There will never be more than 4 hunters in camp at a time allowing a quality, personalized hunt with no overcrowding. Tags for these hunts are guaranteed, with no need to apply for a draw. Don’t miss your chance for a Utah Wall Hanger. Call Tom 314-817-8358 cell. Email [email protected]
8000 Acres
Big Game Hunting (Deer, Elk, Bear, etc..)

Utah DNR Information

UT State DNR

Address: 1594 W North Temple
Suite 2110, Box 146301
Salt Lake City, UT  78744

Phone #: 801-538-4700

Utah Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for Utah.

Utah Hunter Safety Course