How HLRBO protects landowners

We’ve taken extensive measures to help keep you, your property, and your hunters safe.

Lease to reponsible hunters

Property Reviews

To help build trust and reputation on HLRBO, hunters and landowners can review each other after each lease is complete.

Before accepting a lease request, you can check out reviews from other landowners.

Requirements to lease

You can require that every guest provide identification to HLRBO before leasing with you. You’ll also have the opportunity to review lease requests in advance or add extra controls over who can lease.

As a further check, HLRBO is available to help if needed.

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Easy communication

If you want to ask questions or set expectations before a lease, you can get to know hunters in advance using our secure messaging tool.

Your property, your rules

To help set expectations, you can add property rules that hunters have to agree to before leasing, for example restrictions on smoking and drinking.

If a hunter breaks one of these rules once they’ve leased, you can cancel the lease.

I have learned that people are good. I can trust people. Greg owns a property in Minnesota and leases it out to earn extra money.

- Greg S

Lease your property with confidence

Hunting Lease Insurance

In order to insure against property damage HLRBO provides information on how to purchase hunting lease insurance.

We recommend that landowners require either hunters to purchase hunting lease insurance or purchase it themselves and include it as part of the lease.

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Landowner Support

HLRBO is standing by to support you by phone, email, and live chat. We can help you with everything from issues creating your listing to concerns about hunters.

We're here for you

What our team can do for you

We know it’s a priority to trust the people leasing your property. HLRBO allows you to set strict requirements for who can lease and to get to know hunters before they lease.

We also provide extensive information about hunting lease insurance and recommend every landowner require guests purchase it or landowners include it in the lease price.

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Ability to require government ID before leasing
Rules and Lease Agreements hunters must sign and agree to
Chance to read reviews from past leases

Thousands of landowners list on HLRBO and every property is different

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