Assawoman Wildlife Area - Miller Neck Tract


Assawoman Wildlife Area - Miller Neck Tract
Frankford, DE 19945

Land Description

                            Delaware public hunting land.

Rental Details and Availability

Acres: 100
Amentities: Parking, Deer stand, Duck blinds
Land Types: Forest,Wetlands,Rivers/Streams,Coastal
Max Group Size: 10+ Hunters
Available Hunting Types: Bobwhite Quail,Brant,Canada Goose (Early),Canada Goose (Regular),Common Snipe,Cottontail Rabbit,Crow,Deer (Special Antlerless),Deer Bowhunting,Deer Crossbow,Deer Firearms,Deer Firearms (Youth),Deer Muzzelloader,Dove,Fox,Fox (Chase),Gallinule,Muskrat, Mink (Trapping),Opossum,Opossum (Trapping),Pheasant,Raccoon,Raccoon (Trapping),Raccoon and Opossum (Chase),Rails,Regular Ducks (Incl. Mergansers & Coots),River Otter (Trapping),Sea Ducks (Scooter, Eider, Long-Tailed),Snow Goose,Squirrel,Teal Ducks (Special),Turkey - Spring,Woodcock

Land Location

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State DNR Information

DE State DNR

Address: Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
89 Kings Highway
Dover, DE  19901

Phone #: (302) 739-9912

Delaware Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for Delaware.

Delaware Hunter Safety Course

Assawoman Wildlife Area - Miller Neck Tract

This listing is open to the public for hunting. To find out more information about this listing view the details below and the contact information.

Phone Number: (302)-739-4610

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