Town Line Lake & Woods State Natural Area


Town Line Lake & Woods State Natural Area
255th Ave
New Auburn, WI 54757

Land Description

                            Town Line Lake and Woods features a large, second-growth block of medium aged, dry-mesic forest in an area of rough morainal topography dotted with kettle lakes and wetlands. Dominant trees include red oak, white oak, red maple, and big-tooth aspen. The importance of the canopy species varies locally within the block and scattered large individual trees are present. Other trees present include black cherry, paper birch, basswood, white ash, and white and red pines. White ash and red maple are the most common saplings and the tall shrub layer is composed of maple-leaf viburnum, beaked hazelnut, and witch-hazel. Characteristic herbs are big-leaf aster, lady fern, pointed tick-trefoil, naked tick-trefoil, wild geranium, sweet cicely, early meadow-rue, hog peanut, American starflower, and American lopseed. Some areas are comprised of mostly northern plant species such as huckleberry, early low-blueberry, wintergreen, and narrow-leaved cow-wheat. Several small seepage lakes and kettle wetlands are also present including poor fen, tamarack swamp, and emergent marsh. Small, scattered patches of wet-mesic white pine-yellow birch-black spruce forest are found within the area. Town Line Lake is a 48 acre soft-water seepage lake with an intermittent outlet to the O'Neil Creek drainage system. Breeding birds include common loon, red-shouldered hawk, red-headed woodpecker, least flycatcher, winter wren, veery, wood thrush, blue-winged warbler, golden-winged warbler, ovenbird, and cerulean warbler. Fish include northern pike, largemouth bass and slow growing pan fish. Town Line Lake and Woods is owned by the DNR and Chippewa County. It was designated a State Natural Area in 2010.

Rental Details and Availability

Acres: 635
Land Types: Pasture
Max Group Size: 10+ Hunters
Available Hunting Types: Bear - General,Bobcat,Canada Goose (Early),Canada Goose (Regular),Common Snipe,Coyote,Crow,Deer (Late Antlerless),Deer Bowhunting,Deer Firearms,Deer Firearms (Youth),Deer Muzzleloader,Dove,Fox,Hungarian Partridge,Pheasant,Quail,Rabbit,Raccoon,Rails,Regular Ducks (Incl. Mergansers & Coots),Ruffed Grouse,Snow Goose,Snowshoe Hare,Squirrel,Turkey - Fall,Turkey - Spring,Turkey - Spring (Youth),Ducks & Mallards,White-Fronted Goose,Woodcock

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State DNR Information

WI State DNR

Address: 101 S. Webster Street
PO Box 7921
Madison, WI  53707-7921

Phone #: 1-888-936-7463

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Town Line Lake & Woods State Natural Area

This listing is open to the public for hunting. To find out more information about this listing view the details below and the contact information.

Phone Number: (888)-936-7463

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