Newberry Michigan Lease


Newberry Michigan
Newberry, MI 49868

Land Description

                            Located in the locally famous, deer hunting mecca known as 'Hunters Truck Trail,' in Newberry, MI. 45 minutes North of Newberry, 3000 ft away from Tahquamenon River. Given the privacy of this parcel and everything, it has to offer it is best suited for the true outdoor enthusiast.

Land is enclosed by state park from two sides. This property is fully wooded with multiple timber types including Hardwood, Aspen, Ash, and Spruce. Several Creeks run through the land with a small Beaver Dam and huts on the property allowing for great waterfowl hunting and trapping.

300 acres- Exclusive dates
Land has trails- A small cabin and very thick
No wetlands
Property has multiple thickets and deer beds in it
Land has wooden areas for small and large game hunting
Good for hunting turkey, grouse, deer, bear, coyotes.

Flat gravel area for parking Camper Trailer or RV

Price varies on length of lease

Rental Details and Availability

Acres: 300
Land Types: Forest
Max Group Size: 4 - 6 Hunters
Available Hunting Types: Badger (Trapping),Bear - General,Beaver (Trapping),Bobcat,Bobcat (Trapping),Brant,Canada Goose (Early),Canada Goose (Regular),Common Snipe,Coyote,Coyote (Trapping),Crow,Deer (Early Antlerless),Deer (Late Antlerless),Deer Bowhunting,Deer Firearms,Deer Firearms (Disabled),Deer Firearms (Youth),Deer Muzzleloader,Fisher & Marten (Trapping),Fox,Fox (Trapping),Mink (Trapping),Muskrat (Trapping),Opossum,Otter (Trapping),Pigeon,Porcupine,Rabbit,Raccoon,Raccoon (Trapping),Rails,Regular Ducks (Incl. Mergansers & Coots),Ruffed Grouse,Skunk,Snow Goose,Snowshoe Hare,Squirrel,Turkey - Fall,Turkey - Spring,Weasel,White-Fronted Goose,Wild Boar (Hogs),Woodchuck (Groundhog),Woodcock

Listing Pricing

$5,000.00 Per Year

Land Location

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State DNR Information

MI State DNR

Address: Michigan Department of Natural Resources
P.O. Box 30028
Lansing, MI  48909

Phone #: 517-284-6367

Michigan Hunter Safety Course

Hunter safety courses are required in most states in order to purchase a hunting license. Follow the link below to take a certified hunter safety course online for Michigan.

Michigan Hunter Safety Course

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